The Magazine Files
The Unpublished Picture Post Stories - Conservation of the Galleys or Mock-ups.
Interview with Emma Lowe, conservator at Getty Images Hulton Archive

As I understand it, with some of the killed Picture Post stories there were only negatives and prints. With others, there were “galleys”, or mock-ups. How many extant galleys were there? – The…

“A Marvelous History Through Object and Image”
The Cromer Collection of Nineteenth-Century French Photography

On 26 December 1924, Gabriel Cromer stood in front of the Société française de photographie and made an impassioned proposal: We must create a Photography Museum. A noble proposition, one infused…

The European Society for the History of Photography (ESHPh) and its journal, PhotoResearcher
Interview with Uwe Schögl

Uwe Schögl is president of The European Society for the History of Photography, ESHPh, and editor of its journal, PhotoResearcher. I started out by asking him when, how and why the society was…

Jill Kennington
Model Years
The Story of a Memoir

The British model Jill Kennington was dubbed Vogue's ‘Young Idea's ’63 quintessence’. She became one of the most successful models of her generation, embodying a fresh, youthful, and dynamic ideal…

The African Lookbook: A Visual History of 100 Years of African Women
by Catherine McKinley

In Spring 2020, when writer and curator Catherine McKinley spoke to The Classic about her photography collection, our correspondence was filled with excitement – the specific kind of ebullience that…

Women in the Dark:
Female Photographers in the US, 1850-1900, by Katherine Manthorne

On April 22, 1890, citizens of the central Kansas town of McPherson were greeted with a directive in the local paper: “Expression is the key to character. Think of this then have Mrs. Vreeland…